SQL Licensing and the Cluster

We licence our servers by core as we are all Enterprise edition. This choice is determined by the memory requirements of some systems not being met by Standard edition, to be able to mirror (for 2008 R2 and high performance for 2012), and that processor power is not a limiter. For us, then, on the 4 node Cluster we have paid for 2 active nodes worth of cores and filled them all up to the maximum memory of 512 GB. 3 SQL Server instances require more than the 64 GB Standard edition limit to perform well; one gets all 512 GB while the remaining 2 along with 4 more instances share the other blade’s 512 GB. We’ve discussed, though not yet implemented, disabling sockets so we can afford more blades for other areas. With the VM SQL Servers we also ended up paying by core and have all of them on a limited number of blades.

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