Finding a job

One of my friends asked me how I found a job so fast after such a long vacation. Here is what I wrote to her:

  • Does your resume shout out that you meet the job poster’s qualifications requirements? 
    Here is my resume; do a search for “sql server dba” at or some other site and see how I basically show how I’ve done what they’re asking for. Of course I am not a 100% match for every post…. but you get the picture.
  • Are you doing the “linked in” thing and looking there too?
    Read this for some ideas.
  • Are you really taking honest time every day to do EVERYTHING you can to get a job? This is a serious question that you have to answer by taking some time and being sincere with yourself.
    For example, here is one thing you can do: volunteer at a place where you’d like to work for a day or two a week. Or offering to work for cheap for a week so they can see how much they need you if the interview doesn’t go well.
  • Do a search on “interview questions” and be an expert at interviewing. This REALLY REALLY helped me when I got a call back (I also searched for interview questions for my field and studied hard; people dig small facts).

Good luck to everyone with their search.

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