Tier 1, 2 and 3

One day it hit me how unusual it was that senior level people were receiving calls from end users as part of the call rotation. (Happily for us, the dbas were not in the list.)

True story: my very first job in the computer field was first level support. I much prefer face to face discussions and, for a variety of reasons which are all funny now, don’t miss that job at all. It did expose me to MS Access which led to SQL Server though.

Anyway, it did not seem like the best use of time for what were clearly tier 3 people helping end users with drive mapping issues. Furthermore, the problems tier 3 people are resolving and projects of which we are a part require focus and minimal interruptions to be completed successfully and on time.

I am glad to be able to say, though not as glad as the tier 3 systems guys let me tell you, that we now have a proper triage system in place and no calls or tickets go directly to my group without prior discussion.

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